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  • James Fisher Presents

Amazing amps for amazing people.



Flawless Reproduction


Pristine Presentation

James David Fisher is proud to present you with the finest audio experience, please contact him directly for any inquiries.

Hi-Fi Amps

Hi-Fi Amps

Power Amps that look as good as they sound.

Guitar Amps

Guitar Amps

Guitar Amps that Rock as hard as they look.

Not just great sound

About us

An engineered design

Solid Hardwood Frames

Completely made by hand and then inlaid with polycarbonate. These can’t be beat, and we stand by it. 

Less Power wasted, More Sound Produced

Because of the logarithmic effect of the decibel, an increase in 1/3 loudness requires double the power, don’t be fooled by the numbers. 

First five watts

It’s all in the quality of the first five watts, just ask our clients why their much more powerful amplifier are sitting unused.

Hand Built using pipe dream point to point

Everything about our design is treasured, even if it takes a little more time and resources, right down to the over sized high quality gold plated connections. 

The most important thing

Our Feedback

We love making people smile

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Please note: All tube amps are shipped with grounded metal protecters that have been removed for picture and testing purposes only. Tube amps contain voltages up to 650V (Electric fences run at 3000V) that can be deadly if tampered (This is the same risk as with tubed guitar amps). Tubes will get hot (just like a light bulb). If you have small children or animals you should consider their safety before purchasing a tube amp.

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